Hueso and City Fidelia


Two weeks after Night Lovell, Lindasson and FTG Reggie set Ottawa on fire with their blazing hot track “A Lot”, the capital has been blessed with another memorable collab. On the heels of the release of his December 2020 single and short film “Prime”, Hueso is back with “Legacy”, his long-awaited collab with fellow Ottawa native City Fidelia.

Where “Prime” represented the closing of a chapter, as the lead single off Hueso’s upcoming sophomore EP, “Legacy” represents a change of direction as he puts the R&B vocals on hold for a moment, introducing us to Hueso the rapper. On the VCTR produced track, we get to see his versatility in full display as he delivers his sharp bars via a classic 90’s rap flow paired with an almost unrecognizable raspy tone.

“I rap and I do melodic”, he told SHIFTER. “The more I release, the more people will get accustomed to it. My new music that’s gonna come out, it’s gonna be a balance of both, mixing the melodies with the rapping because that’s just me. Over quarantine, I really took the time to hone my skills as a rapper. It’s only been a year and a half so it was just a matter of getting comfortable.”

Then Fidelia enters with his signature street storytelling carried by a high energy flow. What we hear on the track is a friendship made even stronger during the pandemic, when the two finally had the time to slow down, reconnect and put in some work in the studio.

This high level of chemistry and mutual respect carries over to the visuals, directed by Solaris Media and EK Visions. Shot last August in Toronto, the video depicts their humble beginnings and the legacy they want to leave, both personally and professionally.

“We just wanted a child to represent the two of us-our story from humble beginnings to now. We’re explaining why we’re you invested in the music and why we continue to do this. It’s all about leaving a legacy behind, for our family, our loves ones. It’s about building a solid foundation. It’s not only about us; it’s about the city. We’re leaving a legacy behind. I’m trying to encourage the kids to get involved…City is a vet. It all came together effortlessly.”

Between his previous release, “Prime” and the new single “Legacy”, it’s clear that what we’re seeing is a growing and maturing artist who is contemplating the deeper things in life. As a result, we’re being blessed with a depth of content that continues to make Hueso stand out among the repetitive and formulaic trends of hip-hop today.

“Rap allows me to deliver things in a different way so that it’s received in a different way. I wanted to get my male audience going. I can talk about the heartbreak, but I can also inspire you. I’m excited to share more music. I got my album on the way.”

“Legacy” is available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the music video head over to Hueso’s account on Instagram.

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