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It’s been six months since we last heard from Omari Mydz when he released his last single “Ease”. Well, today he’s back with his latest release, an acoustic version of the same song, featuring Andrew Waines on guitar. Shot and edited by Viva Films, the simplicity of the acoustic video (featuring the pair in an empty white room) along with the stripped down sound, allow us to focus on the content in a way we may not have been able to on the original version. What stands out even more this time around is his vocals, reminding us that he is still one of the better male vocalists in the capital, as well as the depth of his writing and storytelling, but Mydz didn’t have to dig too deep for creative inspiration.

“The song is about a girl who comes into my life by surprise. I’m not really looking for anyone or anything at the time and I just can’t get her out of my head. I’m staying ten toes down and working and focusing on my grind, but every minute of free time I have, my mind goes directly to her. It confuses me, but then I give in. The things she does blow me away with ease. The latter half of the song then transitions into me talking about ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ and how good ‘we’ can be and is essentially saying just as blown away as I was, she’ll be just as surprised when she gets to know me. Based on a true story”, he explains laughing.

Adding to the magic is the sonic chemistry between Mydz and Waines. The two have collaborated in the past so the creative process in pulling this rendition together was seamless and easy.

“I’ve always loved working with Andrew. That dude has some serious talent. I first met him through his old manager Neville Paul (rest his soul) and we bonded over work ethic. This dude has been putting in crazy hours in the studio and I love his guitar riffs so when I had this idea of making an acoustic song I could holla at only one person. The workflow, as always, has been crazy with him. It’s like we’re on the same page. I sent him a riff I wanted him to play, he showed up to the stu, figured it out in like five minutes and then he recorded the guitar. I recorded on top and the rest was history really. We’ve done some other work in the past so maybe some of that stuff will come out soon, but he is most definitely one of the most talented people in this city and it was nothing short of amazing working with him, as always.”

If you love what you hear, you can rest assured you won’t have to wait another six months for new music from the talented singer-songwriter.

“I took the pandemic to really stock up on content so I wouldn’t be dropping so sporadically, so I now have a full tape, three more videos and a bunch of new singles. We been working still.”

Click the header image to check out the new acoustic video for “Ease”.


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