Following the August release of his summer single “Highway”, which has over 82K streams on Spotify to date, Ottawa rapper, singer and songwriter, Hueso, is ending 2020 with the release of a brand new single “Prime”.

For the genre-bending artist, who fuses hip-hop storytelling and flows with R&B melodies and vocals, his latest release continues the vulnerability and introspection we’ve seen from him on previous releases. Through his easy and effortless vocals, he tells the story of transition and maturation as he leaves a toxic relationship for a newer and, hopefully, happier one, reflecting on both the pain he has endured and the damaged he has caused along the way. According to Hueso, the sonically dreamy beat and its landscape enabled him “to find himself and do some soul searching”.

He also did double duty, co-directing the video alongside his go-to video collaborator, EK Visions. The video opens with a flashback to 2010 as we see Hueso pulling up in front of the Foster Farm Community Centre in Ottawa to pick up his then girlfriend. After splitting up due to a long distance relationship, we then find him five years later in university in a new relationship. Then, finally, we fast forward to 2021 as we meet a fully matured Hueso who has finally come into his own (perhaps foreshadowing or speaking into existence what he sees for the New Year).

Referred to as a short film as compared to a music video, “Prime” is a coming of age story that finds a way to capture an 11-year journey in  just four minutes (and does so very well). The depth of storytelling and care given to this release stands out in the midst of the continued trend of Hennessey, beautiful women and fast cars of 2020.

Fans will be happy to know they won’t have to wait another four months for new music. Hueso promises there’s some new music coming just around the corner so sit tight.

“I wrote this song back in January 2020 so it felt good being able to share it with the world. I got a lot more coming in January 2021 and ‘Prime’ just opens the floor to that”, Hueso told SHIFTER.

“Prime” is available on all major streaming platforms. Click the header image above to check out the video.

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