i don't want another sorry


Ottawa native Dax recently took to social media to once again tease his long-awaited surprise collaboration. In the end, the rumours were true. Dax ended 2020 with his biggest collab to date – none other than Ohio hip-hop artist Trippie Redd. Together, the pair have dropped their new single “i don’t want another sorry”, a story of pain, heartbreak and love gone wrong.

Known as one of the most gifted lyricists in the game today, Dax goes back to his roots as a poet as he wears his heart on his sleeve on the Trademark produced track.

Two wrongs don’t make a right
I turned left Now you mad
I don’t pick up
I don’t return texts
Like I’m supposed to let it slide what and just forget
That you destroyed everything we had what just for sex
Fuck that!
I’m angry, I’m depressed and I’m mad
Reminiscing over days living life in the past
How’d you do that shit? Was I really that bad?

For the Canadian rapper, one of the most consistent and productive artists in hip-hop today, this marks his long overdue step into the mainstream.

In a recent interview with Complex, Dax stated, “No one’s ever seen me work with a mainstream artist like Trippie. It was great to get together with him for this project. I’m excited to see how I was able to like integrate someone like him into my world…The song still has a lot of Dax energy and he fits perfectly into it.”

Shot by his frequent his collaborator Logan Meis, the video, mostly set in a hospital, continues the theme of pain and heartbreak as we see Dax symbolically getting his heart removed. One thing is for sure, whether it’s with his music or visuals, Dax is always going to treat fans to some good storytelling and “i don’t want another sorry” is no different.

With such a big move to end 2020, we can only imagine what he has up his sleeve for 2021.

Dax feat. Trippie Redd
“i don’t want another sorry”