Recording artist and songwriter JAIoftheRise recently dropped two back to back collaborations with producer Will Moreno in “Do You Right” and “Situationship”.

“I feel like we’ve all had a lot to deal with this year, we’re all going through our personal motions except this time we’re all dealing with a pandemic over our shoulders as well, so it just makes everything that much harder”, JAI explains.

“I’ve still got my story to tell, but I think right now the people need some uplifting. So I’ve been trying to figure out how I can communicate the harsher parts of my story yet still brighten the listener’s mood. I think with this one, Will and I did just that.”

The single was accompanied by some visuals – JAI’s fourth music video of the year.

The release of “Situationship” comes on the heels of the release of “Do You Right”. With more of a down tempo vibe and a sweet melody, the single is the perfect cure for the fall blues which sometimes leave us wanting to pick up the phone and call the one that got away.

“We all feel like hitting up our ex sometimes even though we shouldn’t, and rekindle that romance that never ends well”, JAIoftheRise says the song’s inspiration. “The song takes you on a journey through the emotional highs you might be feeling for your ex…If only we lived in a perfect world where nothing else mattered.”

“Do You Right” and “Situationship” are available on all major streaming platforms.

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