Ottawa raised and now Toronto-based artist Kaptev recently dropped some new visuals for his new single “Miracles”. The song was written following the NBA Finals championship game which saw the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat. Inspired by seeing Lebron James overcome the doubters and haters to win another title, similar to how the Raptors did a season earlier, Kaptev penned this inspirational yet wavy track about overcoming the odds when people don’t want to see you win.

“‘Miracles’ is about striving for the heights. It’s about not caring what the naysayers project, and staying loyal to your team”, Kaptev explains.

“In a world where they rather see you fail than succeed, you have to move like a shark and get it by any means.”

For the eclectic and multifaceted artist, who draws inspiration from his peers in the industry as well as sports, film and his family, the creative process for his latest single was easy.

“After I came up with the hook, the rest of the lyrics just flowed out effortlessly”, he notes about how his latest release came together.

In the video – an artistic, black and white production with pops of red – we see Kaptev flexing a bit and celebrating with his team.

“The concept of the video was to capture performance in different ways with each setting. The empty pool scene stands out because I reference ‘deep end, they don’t wanna see you swim’ while rapping in the deep end of a pool.” Kaptev told SHIFTER.

“The forest scene takes place in High Park where we captured wide framed shots of myself and my girl. The idea was to keep this scene static and dramatic. And finally the red party scene where we switch back and forth from me rapping alone in the room to being surrounded by people. With this scene we wanted to bring the energy through and let loose and just have fun with it!”

“Miracles” is available on all major streaming platforms. Click the header image to check out the music video.


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