The creative Quebecois, L1y4h, isn’t afraid to open her heart. Her latest release “Alive” is a lyrical portrait of her emotions from a humble and honest point of view. “The important thing to remember is that we are all humans”, says the now Toronto based songstress. Inspired by her very personal experiences, Lyi4h sings about the process of growing through the challenges, facing her fears and overcoming internal battles.

In times of self-isolation, Lyi4h invites you to look at the darkest moments with clarity.

“We all go through hardships, it’s normal. This, essentially, is how you build your character; then you can see what you are about and really made of.”

L1y4h’s Caribbean roots, combined with musical influences like Sade, resulted in this profound and melodic song that was carefully written and entirely produced by Lyi4h herself.

“Alicia Keys inspired me to learn the piano and to sing”, she added when asked about her creative process. The artist can be seen co-hosting the monthly music showcase Taste of the 6ix, but nowadays she is completely committed with her artistry.

L1y4h has yet to announce an album or EP release date, but she tells her listeners to stay tuned for her next moves – I have a lot to release, I am very excited to share my music with everyone – she finalizes. 

“Alive” by L1y4h is available on all major streaming platforms.

Carolina Leite
Music correspondent (Toronto)

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