Today, Ottawa-based singer-songwriter and dancer, Marie-Clo, dropped her new EP Shell(e) Pt III along with the project’s first French-language single “Lève tes voiles”.

“Making music in both languages ​​is important to me. I embody many things; I am a woman, an artist, a lover, an activist, bilingual and proud of it”, she explains.

According to Marie-Clo, the Olivier Fairfield-produced project is about recapturing our power and strength and accentuating the positive sides of womanhood. She goes on to explain the songs on Shell (e) Pt III are even stronger, freer, more confident and features an uninhibited version of herself; a freedom we have as children that we often lose as we become adults.

She goes on to explain that the single “Lève tes voiles” (translated to raise your sails) is a glimpse into the beauty of trust and human bonds and navigating the uncertain waters of life and intimate relationships. Similar to the theme of the song, the Aaron De Silva-directed video features Marie-Clo and dance partner, Sebastian Hirtenstein, as they depict images of onscreen intimacy and trust through a series of choregraphed dance sequences and intimate touches.

Fans of this latest offering won’t have to wait too long for new music as the project is a lead up to her upcoming full length release.

Shell (e) Pt III is the last EP release in my Shell(e) trilogy, before the final release of the full album, coming out in March 2021. Compared to the darker and heavier themes of parts I and II, this is truly the spirit of the phoenix rising from its ashes; untamed, free, groovy, sensual, daring, eclectic and soft all at the same time.” explains Marie-Clo.

Shell(e) Pt III and its lead single “Lève tes voiles” are available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the music video click the image in the header.


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