Shortly after releasing “SHOTANOTHADOWN” (her first single and music video in three years), NAMBI decided to release another conscious single featuring Paula C. called “HEYBLACKMAN”!  This song is an important reminder to our beautiful Black kings that they are strong, powerful, and worthy. We want to celebrate you! We want to wrap our arms around you! We want to protect you!  You are so often demoralized, but we admire you, respect you, and understand you!

NAMBI (@ritacartermusic) | Twitter
Cover art for “HEYBLACKMAN”

“HEYBLACKMAN”is a playful yet conscious soul song with elements of Funk, Rock, and R&B. This incredible source of foundation for these lyrics can be credited to Mixing Engineer, Dean Watson of Gallery Recording Studios, and the band (The Rhythm) who are all extremely talented musicians. “HEYBLACKMAN” feels like that comfy couch and cuddle – like that safe place to come home to after a long day’s work of dealing with oppression and racism.

“Hey Black Man. I love you. I cannot stop thinking about you. I want to protect you so deeply.  I respect you dearly. I think about my nephew who will soon enough grow into a beautiful Black Man”, Paula C. says. “We will not stop until we see permanent changes with the current picture we’re living in.  You are our sons, brothers, fathers, friends and lovers. Please lean on your sisters for those moments when you need to be lifted up. Talk to us. We’ll always be here. Talk to your family, friends, God. Do not hold it in. You do not need to do this alone. If you are ever unsure of who’s got you, one thing’s for sure – we got you.”