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Nova Scotian artist, Evans, is back with his latest single “My Fault”, an honest and introspective track where he takes responsibility for his part in a fight with the woman in his life. While the track is the now Toronto-based artist’s first release for 2021, it was worth the wait.

Aside from Evans’ vocals, which also ooze honesty and authenticity, what also stands out is his storytelling as he paints a picture of a man who turns to drinking as he’s forced to deal what he’s done.

I know this shit’s my fault
And I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong, but I’m wrong.

-Hook from “My Fault”

The single tells a familiar story about having to come to grips with bad decisions and regrets that still haunt us.

“‘My Fault’ is a smooth and soulful track about old mistakes and bad decisions that took years to come to terms with”, he explains. “It also explores the relationship-related obstacles that come as a direct result of a lifestyle that never slows down.”

“I wrote this song mid-pandemic, when all of us were feeling very worn down and tired”, he continues. “A lot of late night conversations helped create the idea for this song, where we finally started to take in the progress we’ve made since we began releasing music and working together.”

But let’s not get it twisted. Although the track has lots of drama and storytelling, the song still features a nice vibe and bounce that will leave you nodding your head as you take in what Evans is saying.

The single is a follow up to his previous singles “Yes You Do” and “Kauai” which have racked up over 100K streams each on Spotify alone.

Evans has made a name for himself since moving to Toronto in 2017, collaborating with director Marcus Letts, fellow Nova-Scotian artist, JRDN, and engineer and hitmaker, Sunny Diamonds.

Fans can be sure they won’t have to wait too long for new music. Evans promises there’s more to come before the end of the year so stay tuned.


Listen to “My Fault” the latest release from Evans @evanshfx