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November was another busy month in the capital! This month’s Ottawa Music Video Roundup includes nine music videos. Artists include A Tribe Called Red, Lia KloudHueso, Gutta King Chris, and more! Chrissy Spratt and JustJamaal the Poet also both made appearances for the second month in a row.

We’re continuing to ask you, the fans, to vote for the capital’s Video of the Month. Check out the videos below in order of release date, then help us crown the top video in the city for November. Special shout out to our sponsor Greg Campbell – Blue Panda Realty.

Last month you voted for “Mille Feux” by Squerl Noir as your video of the month.

Video of the Month (October) – Squerl Noir – “Mille Feux”

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A Tribe Called Red feat. Odario, Haviah Mighty & Chippewa Travellers
Ba Na Na
Release date: November 1, 2019
Filmed and edited by: Antoine Simard-Legault (Lonely Fire Productions)

A Tribe Called Red set it off this month in the capital with the release of their visuals for “Ba Na Na”, their first music video release in years. The song and video feature 2019 Polaris Prize winner, Haviah Mighty, and Canadian artist Odario. The Chippewa Travellers also feature on the track.

The video was shots during Caribana weekend and opens with Haviah Mighty and her girls looking for parking at the parade. The humour is well done. As usual, A Tribe Called Red does a good job of blending Caribbean and Indigenous vibes, fusing two cultures that continue to shape this country.

Lia Kloud
No Destination
Release date: November 3, 2019
Shot and directed by: Osmo Capture

November was good to us, giving a long awaited video from one of Ottawa’s most promising up and coming talents. The release of the visuals for Lia Kloud’s “No Destination” is a perfect ending for a big year which included appearances at House of Paint and the Cranium festival.

Shot and directed by Osmo Capture, the video is pretty trippy as we’re taken into a dreamworld, including a lot of blurs and special effects. It seems to mimic the experience of being high, so if you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be high without actually doing it, check out this video.

Gutta King Chris feat. City Fidelia
Luv Urself
Release date: November 4, 2019
Directed by: Peezee

Gutta King Chris is back with another big chune, this time featuring one of Ottawa’s leading artists, City Fidelia.

There’s a lot to love about this video. The women are beautiful. The outfits are on point (see City Fidelia in the cream Lacoste tennis sweater and scarf). The production value is also high. I can’t say enough about the camera quality and editing. These are some well-needed mid-Winter, Summer vibes. Every time you look out your window and get depressed about the snow and cold, throw on this video to remind yourself what you have to look forward to.

MxlclmX feat. Moun Fou
I Don’t Wanna Die
Release date: November 11, 2019
Shot and directed by: RealCity411

Absolutely amazing visuals (slow hand clap). This is such a refreshing song and music video. The video’s caption says it all. “This video/song was made to help anybody going through trauma, or the loss of loved ones due to gun violence & drug addiction”.

The message and storytelling are simply impeccable. The acting is excellent. The cinematography is very well done. This video should be entered to win awards. As someone living in the capital, I’m actually proud that MxlclmX and RealCity411 took the time to create something so thoughtful. This is what music and filmmaking are supposed to be about – changing lives. This is art. More of this please, Ottawa.

Chrissy Spratt
Nobody Else
Release date: November 13, 2019
Shot, directed and edited by: Goat Vision Studios

Chrissy Spratt is back this month with any video, this time tag teaming with Goat Vision Studios, one of Ottawa’s leading music video production companies. The video is pretty simple, but there are a few subtle effects that get your attention, including the opening sequence. The cinematography is beautiful.

Vante Poems
It’s You
Release date: November 17, 2019
Shot, directed and edited by: Burrow Sound Media

I love Vante Poems’ silky smooth vocals on “It’s You”, the first single off his upcoming project Let Me Fall. It’s a remix of Ali Gates’ song of the same name. This is a song and video with a message. The video’s caption gives us a glimpse into the concept.

“In The Music video he is joined by his wife Daily Luke and his daughters Denalia and Divine. The meaning of the song is to show young kids and my peers that being in love in hip hop is okay and it is acceptable. Monogamy is okay.” (sic)

Release date: November 17, 2019
Shot by: Ek Visions
Directed by: Ek Visions & Hueso

There aren’t many artists in the capital who can match Hueso’s star presence. He just looks like a superstar. Every video he delivers we get the feeling we’re looking at a boss.

In this video, we see Hueso leaning up on and sitting inside a white Range Rover and sitting in the park. If you look closely, Montreal Road makes a brief appearance. Overall, the lighting is great and the closing shot is ridiculous.

Aspects feat. 613TINO
No Games
Release date: November 19, 2019
Shot by: Aspects and NIVO

Hip-hop vet, Aspects, is back with some visuals for “No Games”. Shot in San Pedro, Belize, the video features Ottawa producer and engineer turned artist, 613TINO, who also appears on the track. The video has some cool contrasts – the beauty of Belize vs. a gritty, abandoned, graffiti filled building.

JustJamaal ThePoet
Baby Girl (Celebrate You)
Release date: November 28, 2019
Filmed and edited by: James Harkness

After releasing his visuals for “The City” in October, JustJamaal ThePoet is back with a video for his latest single “Baby Girl”, once again teaming up with filmmaker James Harkness.

The video stars JustJamaal and his wife and reveals some intimate scenes of him romancing his wife, whether he’s putting her nail polish on her or cooking for her. We definitely need a lot more of these positive representations of Black men.

In a Facebook post, JustJamaal noted, “Lyrically, I love this song. It’s about love but also tells a story of Afro-Caribbean Muslim intimacy and affection”. “Baby Girl (Celebrate You)” is a window into the life of a group we seldom see or hear about on TV.

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