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Toronto’s Sean Leon encourages creatives to go beyond the current narratives and pop culture norms, and to let go of their fears. Published with permission from the author.

I want all the creative thinkers to report less on what’s going on or what has happened in pop culture and be the focal points that jump start the new wave of culture.

I want us to stop reinforcing the same images and figures we’ve all deemed to be cool and allow space for new ones.

The idea of holding back, the very notion, grows more and more perverse as time marches on, and as I grow older.

I can’t shake this instinctive feeling that shouts at me from deep within my most personal thoughts: “Fear is reserved for the young.”

If you’re aware of your morality then naturally you are also aware that here on earth you have a limited amount of time.

Your experience here is finite.

In which case, you should be allowed to be scared whilst you’re young.

While you still have time.


I say hopefully because, of course, we understand that the good and bad can both die young.

And morality, or lack thereof, does not grant exemption.

Death is absolute, and it is promised.

To all sinners, and every saint.

Someone said long time ago that you grow up the day you let go of your inner child, the reason being your inner child is the personification of your creativity and individuality, the things that make an individual an individual.

Society then not only accepted that as fact but it ran with it too.

What I’m proposing to you now is the question: Is that actually true?

I believe you grow up the moment you let go of fear.

And that age isn’t linear, and you can grow up, down, left, and right, everywhere all at once, and even never at all.

Any moment you confront fear you are in an impermanent state of grown up.

Sean Leon

Sean Leon is ambitious and prolific with his endeavors. What he envisions he says out loud and makes possible. Suitably, in the company of mentors like Kanye West and collaborations with artists like Brandy, Pharrell Williams, and Justin Bieber, we see that his artistic and entrepreneurial approach to self-expression is not only expansive but successful. Finding inspiration within a pool of genres, experiences of love, fatherhood, and loss; his creative drive, much like his artistic spirit, is fearless and without boundaries. 

His meta-style methods of creating new worlds around him allow for the creation of new worlds within them, around them and simultaneously— it’s something evident and prevalent through his platform turned album God’s Algorithm. Made possible through Leon’s self-founded creation agency, PUPIL, God’s Algorithm is an example of Leon’s ability to express himself in ways that not only vary but that attract and enamour other Black Sheeps as they arrive. 

In addition to international acclaim as a songwriter on projects like Grammy-award winning Jesus is King (2019), Sean Leon also appears as a songwriter and featured artist on Donda (2021) and Donda 2 (2022). 

Sean Leon’s upcoming strategy will involve three project releases of his own occurring in the span of 5-6 months, including: herd IMMUNITY mixtape, In Loving Memory LP and the long awaited release of House of Leon Film.

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