Ottawa rapper SVDVM recently dropped some brand new visuals for “Tv”, one of the tracks off of his 2020 mixtape SVISA. Featuring collaborations from El’mago, Mazeratiii, Lia Kloud, Xuave. and Ocean Lean, the project hit #60 on the iTunes Canada album charts when it was released last year.

On the hook he channels some John Cena energy letting us know, “You can’t see me, unless I’m on your TV”. The confidence continues later in the track as he raps,

“I’m high In the sky
With spaceships
I can’t come down”

“I don’t gotta lie
I let money chat
My swag drip so hard
Bitches wanna fuck”

The RBLx co-founder has been one of the more consistent and productive artists out of capital over the past year with a number of 6ixbuzz video premieres under his belt, including his January video release “Revolt”, which currently sits at over 21K views on YouTube. One thing that stands out about SVDVM is that he has avoided following formulas, instead choosing to find his own lane and sound. According to the artist himself, the KHR-produced “Tv” is a step in a new direction seeing him “shifting towards a more experimental and freeing sound”.

The experimental vibes also continue on the visuals with a variety of aesthetics, from slightly hazy pops of red to sharp blue lighting and the occasional effects and transitions. Similar to some of his recent music video releases, it features SVDVM in the heart of Toronto, from a downtown condo to a parking garage to a graffiti filled alleyway, either surrounded the crew or some beautiful women.

With SVISA now in the rearview mirror, SVDVM is now focused on his follow up project set to be released later this year so stay tuned. In the meantime, “Tv” is available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the music video click the image in the header.

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