To close out April, Ottawa hip-hop artist SVDVM and frequent collaborator Jahriia released the visuals for “Pop Dat”, the latest single off their collaborative project Up In Smoke which was released this past March. The 6ixbuzz premiere was actually a re-release. The video originally premiered in 2019, but there’s nothing like a lockdown to bring a video to a new audience.

Shot by SubRosa and directed by Samuel x Jayd, the video features the duo in front a wall and projector with some Bonnie and Clyde vibes. We also see some money and smoke, as well as members of RBLx who also make an appearance.

SVDVM and Jahriia mesh together very well, both visually and sonically. The chemistry between the two is evident (if they’re not a couple, they should win awards for their acting). SVDVM has that raspy tone and on-screen charisma, while Jahriia has that sex appeal and the tone and flow of a boss. She’s that girl you desire but at the same time don’t want to mess with. When you look at both her on-screen energy and delivery as a rapper you get the feeling you’re looking at a star in the making.

When asked about the concept for the song and video, the RBLx co-founder noted, “Jahriia and I wanted to make something that presented both of us. The song reminds us to get the bag. We might have to Pop Dat if you get in our way. The video was freestyled. We just linked up and started shooting.”

Click on the header image above to check out the video for “Pop Dat”.

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