Lost in all the COVID-19 noise was Scared 2 Love, the debut studio EP from Canadian hip-hop duo Yungcudii & Oeg. Released on March 29th through Baileysmgmt and distributed by United Masters, the EP features five songs— “Fuck a Love Song”, “Die for You”, “Anymore”, “Treesha”, and “Tonight”.

Produced by Karim Nasir, aka Kaywaybeats, work on the project began in Summer 2019 after the release of their debut album Purge Season. In comparing the two projects, Yungcudii & Oeg noted, “Scared 2 Love has a different style and tempo and is more concise and more clear compared to Purge Season. The theme revolves around the heartbreak and love.”


Cover art for Scared 2 Love

The duo fit together like a glove, combining Yungcudii’s Quavo-esque tone and XXXTentacion-like honesty and vulnerability with Oeg’s mainstream and radio-ready tone and flow.

If you were expecting a few features on this project you’re out of luck. Yungcudii & Oeg decided to have no collaborations on this tape. When asked why they opted to have to features on the EP, the duo told SHIFTER, “The reason we decided to have no features on this EP was because we wanted to show a raw personal connection to each track we did.”

Scared 2 Love is available on all streaming platforms.


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