Burlington, Ontario raised and Mississauga-based hip-hop artist, producer and guitarist, Will Ryte, is back with a new album Nothing In Common.

Ryte said of how the project came together, “This project started in December of 2019 when I realized I wanted to get a few artists together and have them featured on my album. Shout out to Tianda, K-cuzz, Gads6y, and 595Century.  Everyone that I’ve worked with on this album is extremely talented and I’m beyond grateful for their contribution. This album was executive produced by myself and Gads6y.”

Artwork for “Nothing In Common”

The multi-talented artist’s talents are on full display on this album. He produced 11 of the songs on the project, and co-produced the two remaining songs. He even brought out his guitar on “Milli”, arguably the best song on the album. This is something that sets Will Ryte this album apart—musicianship, and how it compliments the smoothness of his vocals and the level of production. In fact, Will Ryte is one of the brightest talents we’ve seen in a long time.

From beginning to end, Nothing In Common is a well-produced and polished effort, and should be up there as one of the best albums of 2020 so far.

Nothing In Common is available on all streaming platforms.

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