Ottawa artist SVLM has released an unexpected new single 405 tackling the subject of anxiety. SVLM says of the track:

“The song is about people who face sleeping problems on a regular basis due to anxiety and over thinking. The fear of living in a vicious cycle can really keep people up at night, and that’s what it did for me. Carde and I really wanted to put an unbeat spin and energetic beat on a song with a deeper message and this was the outcome. People out there need to know they aren’t alone, and that many of us suffer from the same thing, just for different reasons.

Following up on his previous project Haven Nights, featuring his big song Day Dreaming, SVLM teamed up with producer Carde Blanche on with another banger.

Check out the new joint below.


Listen to 405 and other #ottmusic on the Capital Essentials playlist

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