Taste of the 6ix


As we quickly approach the March edition of Taste of the 6ix, let’s take a quick look back at our 2020 kickoff. 

Kass opened the showcase accompanied by his bandKyle on sax, Rooz on the Djembe and Shayan the MC. Kass’ music went from summer-announcing trance to trap and R&B. He clearly drive and passion, and engages with everyone, never saving energy or charisma. Party mode was on!

Then there was Sukha, whose wonderful performance was briefly interrupted by a quick subtle feedback noise before she continued her performance smoothly. The crowd softly clapped, congratulating her. Truly confident, Sukha is one of a kind. Besides doing most of her musical work, the multi-faceted artist designs as well. She sang about some of the full range of emotions she has experiencedin love, broken-hearted, cold, and then lastly, a rebirth into empowerment.

The third artist to take the stage was SOJAY. The powerful and skilled soul singer performed alongside Roger Sader, her guitarist. The words, “I love you but I don’t like you right now” are still lingering in my head. SOJAY showed she can broach any subject. Her original songs were true songs of the soul; honest and beautiful. 

Then the sweetheart Liv Marie took over. Her sweet voice flowed through the song very naturally. She doesn’t try hard; Liv is comfortable in her softness. Inspired by Alina Baraz, she was a shining star on Nest’s stage.

Taking the baton from Liv Marie was Montreal-native, Rikky Baby, who showed he’s at his best when performing. The fifth artist of the night showed why he couldn’t wait to go on stage. Over wicked trap beats, Rikki kept delivering his messages even when I thought he would be out of breath. Athletic and polished, he was also straight forward; he spoke his mind loud and clear (check out his latest video “Slow it down” on YouTube to see what I mean).

Lastly, we finished the showcase with the greatest Canadian rap groupLunchroom Poetz. Challenging us to think fast and be quick on our toes, these rappers not only served us an appetizer, but a whole three course lyrical gourmet meal; the finest of the finest. The vastly experienced lyricists came together around spring 2019, blowing our minds in the most constructive and educational way. All I can do is be thankful for their genuine contribution to the Canadian rap scene.

The next edition of the Taste of the 6ix Global takes place on Saturday, March 28 at Nest nightclub.

Carolina Leite
Music correspondent (Toronto)