Taste of the 6ix


September’s edition of Taste of the 6ix was a night to remember. The six artists showcased were undoubtedly talented in every aspect. In fact, I am still humming their songs.

We started with David Sully, who created his rendition of Talk by Khalid, making the best of the loop pedal. He performed playing the acoustic guitar covering this masterpiece with his perfectly tuned and soothing voice. KRSRAGA poured-out her feelings over progressive bass lines immersing the public in her own space and time. Following KRSRAGA, the young Liv Mannara bravely showed she is poised and ready to walk into her own artistry. Mannara sang a romanced version of “Hotline Bling” by Drake, finalizing the performance with her song State of Mind featuring live Mr. Ayo; pure synergy.

Jelly Too Fly, now known as Hellen Hefner, entered the stage from the back of the dancefloor, connecting with every single soul present. Hellen spoke openly and vulnerably about her perspective on life, sharing experiences through her sharp bars. In addition to what was already undeniably powerful, Hefner introduced her latest work-in-progress featuring David Sully on the guitar in a breathtaking and spontaneous performance. Closing her set, she sang alongside her friend and musical contemporary, Dye. Dye’s sweet voice harmonized this certified banger in their unreleased track “Don’t Say a Word”.

YESWAY, a magnetic icon, threw a party with vivid response and genuine support. His sensual voice and contagious lyrics broached subjects like relationships and intimacy. Moreover, YESWAY sang a special dedication, cherishing beloved ones in a celebration of life and legacy.

Aion Clarke, as the very experienced and driven singer-songwriter he is, delivered a flawless performance. Clarke graced us by singing his original compositions as well as a rendition of “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, calling attention to the gun violence issue we unfortunately have been facing in our city. As a result, Aion Clarke closed the showcase with excellence displaying his vast vocal resources, oozing charm and almost effortlessly hitting stunning nuances of falsettos. Those who attended added to the night’s charm, it was truly something special. The next Taste of the 6ix showcase happens in October, gathering once again the best of Toronto’s fast-growing music scene.

Carolina Leite
Music correspondent (Toronto)

(Photo credit: Deighton Goode/Goode.TV)