The Voice Ahla Sawt


A week before City Fidelia and Night Lovell were set to hit to the stage at Rolling Loud Hong Kong prior to its cancellation, another Ottawa act was shining on the international stage. Egyptian-Canadian Malak Sound recently appeared on the October 12 episode of singing competition show The Voice in the Middle East, also known as The Voice Ahla Sawt. She is the first Canadian to ever appear on the show.

When asked what appearing the show has meant for her career, the Ottawa-based singer-songwriter told SHIFTER, “Going go The Voice was not only a big step forward for me professionally but also personally. I had the privilege of connecting with people from diverse African and Middle Eastern cultures that I had never mingled with before, and made lifelong friends. I was challenged to grow and improve as a singer and artist in such a short period of time and I’m grateful I was able to return to my roots and have my voice heard by millions in the Middle East. What meant the most to me was to be able to proudly represent both cultures I identify with – Canadian and Egyptian – on a stage that I’ve dreamt of standing on for years.”

Moroccan pop artist, and BBC Award and World Music Award winner, Samira Said, turned around cementing Malak’s place in the acapella round where she will battle two other contestants.

The Voice Ahla Sawt airs on MBC in the Middle East.