After a big 2020 which saw him drop big singles like “Bigger Issues”, “Up2Me”, and “Keep It Real”, which has been featured in Fortnite gaming videos with a combined four million views on YouTube, rising Ottawa artist, TwoTiime, is back with his first single and video of the New Year titled “Slower”.

The Sixty-produced track sees TwoTiime explaining the need for patience and doing things right as he steps closer to stardom.

“Nowadays, in a world full of instant gratification, everyone wants everything now,” says TwoTiime of the single. “Sometimes you gotta take things slower. Whether it’s relationships, business, or dreams. I’m just here to remind y’all!”

Directed by Ben Telford Visuals, who previously teamed up with TwoTiime on the video for or “Bigger Issues” (which has over 150K views since late October 2020) and more recently shot the visuals for the Night Lovell, Lindasson and FTG Reggie single “A Lot”, the video features some never seen before locations when it comes to Ottawa music videos.

“I think one of the main things that sets TwoTiime apart from so many other artists is the way he brings the visuals to life with his energy and confidence,” explains Telford. “With the ‘Slower’ video, I really wanted to focus on capturing that energy, while including some fresh new
locations and a unique editing style to compliment the track.”

“Slower” will be available on all major streaming platforms on January 27th. Click the header image to check out the video.


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