Ottawa rappers Yungcudii and 4Steppa are back with their latest single “Dior Socks”, a follow up to their previous joint releases “Youngins”, “2nd Guessin'”, their EP Scared 2 Love, and their 2019 album Purge Season which landed on Apple Music’s top 100 albums chart. This time they brought fellow Ottawa rapper Turky along for the ride.

The trio also dropped a high energy music video for the single, shot and directed by Solaris Media, that shows the crew outside and having a good time.

“After writing and perfecting ‘Dior Socks’, adding 4Steppa and Turky was something I knew I wanted”, Yungcudii told SHIFTER. “The song was the beginning of my new sound and just a sneak peek of what we have in store for 2021. When we made the video, I wanted the concept to show how many people we have around us supporting us. It’s nice to have a good group of people there who just want you to succeed.”

Yungcudii quickly followed up with another new single titled “Gone”, a more somber and sentimental track about hardships and Cancer, stating in a recent Instagram post, “Forever in my heart ❤️🙏. Happy birthday dad”.

“Dior Socks” and “Gone” are available on all major streaming platforms. Check out the header to watch the video for “Dior Socks”.

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