City Fidelia and the Ensemble Partner with ADVANCE for FRMULA Season 2

“Our goal as a non-profit is to help facilitate the growth of Ottawa’s marginalized youth in the areas of music, technology and financial literacy. To give back what we earn is our way to close the circle.” Is Ensemble’s mission statement, and they are living up to this statement this year by setting off FRMULA season 2. FRMULA is a 6-month program for artists and artist managers which helps them develop professionally, as well as create and produce. 

This opportunity is a serious advantage for those in Ottawa who don’t have access to certain tools or resources for their career. FRMULA will provide many of these tools and resources. As well as boosting participants visibility by having them present a pitch deck to an A&R team to wrap up the program. 

1 in 5 racialized families live in poverty in Canada, compared to 1 in 20 non-racialized families. Culturally relevant services and supports are vital for racialized youth so that they can have access arts programming.  A lack of these services and supports can deter these youth from access to these programs. This is why FRMULA season 2 is so important. 

This year, FRMULA is partnering with ADVANCE. ADVANCE is Canada’s Black Music Business Collective. This partnership will allow FRMULA to grow and aid its participants in flourishing. 

City Fidelia, the co-founder of FRMULA has expressed that hip-hop has saved many kids lives. Especially his own, which inspired him to start this program for others like himself. Last season’s class consisted of Sado, Omari Mydz and Freddie Printz. All of which are now prospering and growing in their journeys. As this season of FRMULA comes closer, we are excited to see the class of 2022.