New Single released by Makadi called Raspberry Lemonade

“Quench Your Thirst With Some RASPBERRY LEMONADE”

American R&B and Hip Hop Artist Makadi are back with a new single called Raspberry Lemonade. 

This authentic Avante-Garde R&B song is sure to have you feeling some type of way. The song was released on July 10, 2021, along with the Official Music Film. The project took about five months to complete and was filmed in Vancouver, BC.

Raspberry Lemonade symbolizes a drink you go to for comfort, but it also brings back memories of past relationships. For Makadi that drink is a margarita. What’s your Raspberry Lemonade?

The main message to be taken from listening to the song and watching the music film is to let people know that it is okay to feel vulnerable, “you have to feel to heal,” said Makadi. 

“It’s a memory,” he said, “a reminiscing moment.” The film taps into a visual that depicts the past through a grainy look. It’s beautifully presented but at the same time has dark and dull colours.

Taking a vintage approach, the film included a bunch of vignettes depicted by People of Colour and LGBTQ+ relationships. The song is like a memory for Makadi. tapping into a visual that depicts the past, the project was captured using a 16-millimetre film.

His lyrics show how the artist is reminiscing about a relationship that happened while sipping raspberry lemonade.


How’d I even get this far?

Sippin’ raspberry lemonade

It’s the memories I guess”


“The song is meant to show that vulnerability is what matters most…being open and honest with yourself is how you become the person you’re supposed to be,” he said. Upon creating this project Makadi was looking for a way to paint a picture of romantic experiences. He and his team brought those experiences to life through an artistic lens, by creating a grainy look, using specific colours like red, and also incorporating a dance performance by Kevin Fraser. 

Watching the film you see how relationships can end in different ways. In one scene someone is breaking up with their partner. Whereas, the next scene is followed by that same person being broken up with by a different partner. Overall showing how relationships can be messy, sad, but also beautiful. “There are ups and downs and those past relationships help you to grow,” said Makadi.

Both the song and music film showcases vulnerability, representation and authenticity. Makadi becomes vulnerable with his fans by writing freely about his feelings and creating a beautiful artistic piece despite what mainstream media might think of it. He produced a story showing viewers how love is a construct and that relationships are not always black and white or even grey, sometimes it can be the colour of raspberries. 

Adam Lin, Designer of the brand Not Dead Yet, brought a unique look to the film by producing gender-neutral outfits. Hair and makeup were done by Miel Enage, who continued the flow of authenticity. The video stars actors Makadi, Felicia Andolong, Kevin Fraser, and Josh Ongcol. Max Brey was the Director of Photography. Makadi and his team worked hard and were open to different ideas to get the completed project. Also, he was unsure of what the results may be together, he was open to trying something outside of his comfort zone.

Makadi made sure that representation from People of Colour and the LGBTQ+ community were shown and represented both in front and behind the camera. The crew who came together to design and bring the vision to life were of different backgrounds.

Makadi hopes to inspire artists to be themselves and create authentic sounds.  by continuing to be vulnerable and true to himself. “Embrace the things that make you uncomfortable because that is how you find out who you are and how you are,” he said.

When asked what advice had for aspiring Black artists, Makadi responded, “remember we are not a monolith, regardless of what this industry, society and oppressors say. Just because you don’t see people doing what you’re doing doesn’t mean it doesn’t have worth.”

Sit back, sip your Raspberry Lemonade and vibe out to this track. You can listen to Raspberry Lemonade on any streaming platform.

Stay tuned to hear more music coming from Makadi and look out to see him on a screen near you soon. 

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