Babe Ruth


SHIFTER’s Artist of the Month for November is Gatineau, Quebec rapper and singer, Babe Ruth.

Babe Ruth is a multi-talented, 20 year-old artist from the Outaouais, Ottawa-Gatineau region. Mixed with Jamaican, Irish and Native, with a profound love for hip-hop, rap and R&B, and she has “mad love for the city”. Striving to make music that is both enjoyable and relatable,  she song-writes, raps and sings and infuses heart in all that she creates, and longs to be a voice for her community. She is currently under the management of MIA MNGMT.

 Artist Name: Babe Ruth (soon to be rebranding to Baëbe Ruth)

City/Country: Outaouais, Quebec (Gatineau/Ottawa area)

Social media/links:

Instagram – @babe_ruth_y

Facebook – @baberxth

Twitter – @babe_ruth_y

Linktree – @BabeRuthh

Art form/creative discipline: Hip-hop, rap, R&B

What has been your biggest creative/professional accomplishment so far? 

The music I create is an accomplishment in itself. I’m proud of everything I write and make. I consider my pen game a strength of mine.

Who are your biggest creative inspirations?

J Cole for his lyricism and ability to put real life experiences into perspective. Giving background and P.O.V. to those who wouldn’t understand otherwise. Meek Mill for his realness and hard bars. He came a long way and has a lot to say.

Lauryn Hill: Her versatility inspired my own. I always loved to write. I love her sound and how she could incorporate both rap/poetry and singing in her music

Brandy: Loved her angelic voice and creativity in her songs.

Mary J Blige: I used to listen to her all the time.

Whitney Houston: Her voice always touched my heart as a kid and I would always sing her songs. She was also my mom’s favourite artist. I always tried to belt her infamous high notes.

Celine Dion: It’s the “My Heart Will Go On” for me.

If money wasn’t an option I’d be…

Still doing what I’m doing, but bigger and better. I know where I’m headed. I’d be travelling the world, performing in different cities/ countries, sharing my talents and pure love for music with others.

In 5 years I will be…

Rising my way to the top with successful efforts in the music industry. I hope to be amongst my other favourite artists and take the whole family with me.

Something everyone should know about me is…

I am relentless. I don’t give up. When I want something, I’m going to get it. I’m ambitious and eager. I refuse to accept defeat. That may also branch from the fact that I’m a cancer survivor, I beat cancer twice, and was told I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was granted my three wishes through Make A Wish Foundation and my parents were told to arrange funeral arrangements but God pulled through, and still till this day they call me a miracle, which I have God to thank for.

If I could give one piece advice to my fellow creators it would be…

Don’t force the music and try to be someone you’re not. You don’t have to sound like somebody else. You’re a 1 of 1. Create whatever comes to mind, even if it’s a different vibe from what you normally go for. Music doesn’t always have to sound the same. It’s okay to show heart and vulnerability; it’s what makes you real and authentic, and that much more relatable.

Also, if ever you’re having difficulty tapping in with your creativity, give it some time. Some of your best work branches from in the moment inspiration, so make sure to absorb the present moment, your present emotions and translate them in your own language , your art. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, be honest with yourself and how you’re feeling; that’s where your best work can come from.

Recent and upcoming projects:

Secret upcoming EP alongside visuals in the making. Also be on the lookout for collaborations with local artists from the city and more performances to come.

Latest release – “Lifeline”

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