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SHIFTER’s Artist of the Month for October is Vancouver rapper, Terrance Richmond.

Vancouver, B.C.-based, Oakland-raised Terrance Richmond is a dynamic and innovative songwriter, rapper and creative. Having recently released his 10th project Glory Cloud, Richmond is continuing to stretch and redefine the boundaries of hip hop as a genre – refusing to be limited to trends, instead pressing towards defining a unique sound. His latest project serves as both his most lyrically deft and most vulnerable to date as he delves into ideas of legacy, pursuing call and following The Glory Cloud. Bringing together Gospel, hip-hop and neo-soul, this project stands as one of his best to date.

 Artist Name: Terrance Richmond

City/Country: Vancouver, BC

Social media/links:

Instagram – @terrancerichmond

Facebook – @TerranceRichmond

Spotify // Apple

Art form/creative discipline: Hip-hop artist

What has been your biggest creative/professional accomplishment so far? 

My biggest creative accomplishment has been creating a consistent body of work over the last 15 years. Over the last 10 projects, I know that I’ve grown as an artist, developed as a writer, and had the privilege to work with some amazing and incredible talents from all across the world. We just found a bunch of my older projects that haven’t been uploaded to streaming sites yet so keep your eyes open for those to come out soon!

Who are your biggest creative inspirations?

My biggest creative inspirations are (in no particular order) Common, Kanye, Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas and Martin Luther King Jr.

If money wasn’t an option I’d be…

If money wasn’t an option I’d be doing what I’m doing – creating music, mentoring other young artists and leading people as they uncover the greatness locked within them.

In 5 years I will be…

In 5 years, I will be a better artist. Hopefully, I’ll have some more national opportunities to spread the message of hope and LOVE across this nation and creating even greater projects.

Something everyone should know about me is…

Something every one should know about me is that I played profession baseball out of high school and NCAA Division 1 Basketball.

If I could give one piece advice to my fellow creators it would be…

If I could give one piece of advice to my fellow creators it would be to write your vision down and make it plain so that those around you can see it and run with it. As you build and create, vision will be able to fuel you and give you purpose when your feelings and emotions fade out. So have a clear vision that you can latch onto but also provides something that others can also cling on to to help you bring it to pass.

Recent and upcoming projects:

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