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As the famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe said, “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.”

I could not agree more after having the privilege to attend a day of VerseFest; a six-day event that welcomed poets from across Canada and the world to come share their pieces. On Saturday, March 19, I witnessed the talent of four young ladies at the Fire and Ice women’s poetry showcase which was held in Ottawa at the Knox Presbyterian Church.

Among those four young poets was Amy Iliza who put her nervousness aside and shared with us her deepest secrets at her first ever showcase.


Amy Iliza is an African poet that had the chance to live in different countries which she shared with us in her poems. A school deadline is what made the young artist discover her passion for poetry in her 12th grade Writer’s Craft class. By waiting until the last minute to write a piece for her class. Amy’s writing was more than just a last minute project but what brought her to where she is now.

” … everything inspires me. My poems are a reflection of me, the experiences I go through, the obstacles I face, the people I meet and their stories and so much more. I could write an entire piece on something I haven’t personally experienced just by listening to others. While my surroundings are my inspiration, other forms of art also spark my creative juices. I usually write while listening to music, in rooms where there are painting or outdoors.”

That evening of March 19th we got to hear about Amy’s hurts, struggles and deepest thoughts. She spoke about different elements in her life such as her relationship with her father and being an African woman. With the strong words she used in her writing to the screams and emotions she projected, Amy successfully got us connected to her world and understand the messages she was getting across.

This is only the beginning for Amy. She is planning on performing more to showcase her work. “My nerves get the best of me sometimes and the only way to get rid of them is to live on stage,” she told me. “I am also currently working on an anthology. Shortly after it is published, I am going to work on my directing skills and will develop short movies based on these poems. But ultimately my dream would be to perform all over the world and make my passion my career.”

In the meantime, fans and future fans can go read her poems, check out her upcoming performance dates, and watch her videos on her Facebook page. We can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Amy Iliza, it was a pleasure for me to come see you perform. You are an inspiration to all growing artists. I wish you nothing but success in your future projects. And, as you mentioned once before, you are truly without a doubt a “Star Player”.

Rodii Attis_Author


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