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The first episode of The “E” Project featuring photographer and game developer Michael Rousseau can be found below. Enjoy!


Photographer and founder of AUXGOD, Michael Rousseau, began the journey of developing a music battle card game. What began as just a fun night with friends, Michael was inspired to create a game that would bring people together through music. He shares his ups and downs and how he pushes through to make his idea become a reality.

EP. 1 – Michael Rousseau of AuxGod

Photos by Jodianne Beckford


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Michael’s Social Media

Website: AUXGOD

Instagram: AUXGOD

Michael’s Instagram: Mikebamboo

Video shot & edited by: Shameen Miller

Instagram: ShameenM

Youtube: ShameenM

Podcast Intro/Outro Music Produced by: Joe Impala

Soundcloud: JoeImpala