Made in Canada fashion finds


Proud to shop Canadian? With so many quality Canadian fashion brands on the market, Canada has gained more respect in the fashion world in recent years. The difference between the newer Canadian brands and the ones you may have grown up with can be summarized in three words- Made in Canada. While the quintessential “Made in Canada” brand, Roots, has been making most of their clothing in Canada for years, there is a new crop of Canadian fashion companies that’s choosing to make their products at home, providing consumers with more options for shopping Canadian while helping the local economy. Canada’s reputation for quality manufacturing is becoming so well-known, even brands from around the world are beginning to make their products in Canadian factories.

Our SHIFT Style team has assembled a list of our top 10 Made in Canada fashion finds. In forming this list we looked for items that had the perfect combination of quality, great design and the cool factor. Check out our list below.

1. Naked and Famous jeans

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Naked and Famous Denim, owned by Brandon Svarc, has become a well-known and reputable brand in the denim industry with its high-quality premium Japanese denim and unique fits. Every pair of Naked & Famous Denim are proudly and ethically made in their factory in Montreal.



2. Bohten sunglasses

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bohten sunglasses have been a growing brand since their appearance on Dragons Den in 2013. Bohten’s new Sky Collection is assembled in their lens factory in Ottawa and engraved by their production partner Hot Pop Factory in Toronto.



3. Peter Millar sport jackets and blazers

Headquarters: Durham, North Carolina, US

Peter Millar is a unisex clothing brand offering a full range of premium men’s and women’s clothing, including casual and luxury sportswear, tailored clothing, furnishings and more. While Peter Millar isn’t a Canadian brand, they’re well known for their men’s sport coats and blazers which are made in Montreal.



4. Muttonhead (full collection)

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Muttonhead opened in 2009 with its proud philosophy, “Keepin’ it local”. The brand produces all of its clothing in Toronto with an emphases on quality and what they term ‘slow design’.  Muttonhead has quickly become one of Canada’s staple lifestyle clothing brands, also partnering with and offering other Canadian brands on their website.



5. Dace (full collection)

Headquarters: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Dace is a clothing brand started by designer, Dace Moore, in 2002, which operates out of downtown Vancouver. Dace produces women’s clothing that’s made in Canada and is known for its clean lines and for being well-constructed, with attention to fit and detail.



6. Galtani gloves

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Galtani was created by cyclist Garry Vickers. The company makes unique cycling gloves that have a classic look and make a bold fashion statement. Galtani not only makes unique products but are also dedicated to promoting cycling and cycle culture.



7. Baffi Collection (full collection)

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Baffi is a men’s accessories brand that makes all their products from wood. Baffi is known for their unique wooden pocket squares, label pins and tie clips which push the limits on what traditional mens accessories should be. All their products are handcrafted in Canada.



8. Jack Victor suits and sport jackets

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jack Victor is a family-owned premium menswear company known for their superior quality tailored suits. All their suits are exclusively made of the finest fabrics and materials in their factory in Montreal. They are so well known for their high quality manufacturing of tailored suits that their Montreal factory also produces the Endurance line for London company Ted Baker and a tailored collection for New York-based David Donahue.



9. 18 waits (full collection)

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

18 waits is a clothing and lifestyle brand owned by Toronto based designer Dan Torjman.  18 waits offers an eclectic range of products including uniquely crafted garments, jewelry and accoutrements that tend to have a worn, rugged look. All 18 waits products are made in and around Toronto.



10. Elaine Ho (full collection)

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Elaine Ho is a Montreal based jewelry designer. Her pieces are made up of a unique mix of brass, gold, and oxidized silver that gives her collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings an edgy gothic look. All of her jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Montreal.