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all american season 4 episode 15 recap
(photo credit: The CW)


Spencer and Jordan get a chance to shine in a big game and Liv chases her first byline. Here’s our All American season 4 episode 15 recap.

Spencer impresses Coach Garrett in his debut on special teams and is given the opportunity to start at gunner. Off the field, he is looking to get in on the new Name, Image, License deals with the help of Navita, but Liv still isn’t comfortable with their relationship.

Speaking of Liv, she is working on an article about NIL deals as she looks for her first byline as a writer with the LA Tribune, but the article causes some conflict between Liv and Spencer.

Spencer eventually starts at gunner. After missing a tackle and giving up the lead, he redeems himself by causing a turnover and recovering the fumble.

Meanwhile, Wade takes Jordan under his wing and invites him on a trip to Las Vegas. A starry-eyed Jordan lies for Wade after he misses a practice to attend a sponsorship event, leading to a disagreement with Spencer. After photos of Wade at the event emerge, Jordan then has a big on-field moment of his own after #12, who replaced Wade as the #1 quarterback for the game, goes down with an injury. Jordan goes in with a chance to win the game and that he does, leading him to uninvited from the Vegas trip.

There are also some underlying storylines throughout the episode. As Coop completes her community service with Miss Marita, she suspects her grand-daughter of stealing her jewellery.

As Coop completes her community service, she accuses Mr. Marita’s granddaughter of stealing her jewellery. Meanwhile, Layla is pressing Patience for her album title so she can finally release her album.

Jaymee meets the crew for the first time as they watch the Golden Angeles game together at the Slauson Cafe. She also learns that Asher dated both Layla and Liv, referring to the group as a ‘vortex’ that Patience is trying to escape.

Our All American season 4 episode 15 recap ends with Liv and Davita squashing their beef as Davita provides perspective on the world of NIL deals. Although Liv is told to move on from the story by her editor, in the end she gets her story as usual. If the scenes from the next episode are any indication, this story is far from over.

All American airs Mondays at 8pm EST on The CW in the United States and on Showcase in Canada.

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