Yesterday, Toronto native and hip-hop producer, Eva Shaw, ended 2020 with the release of her latest single “Addicted” alongside DB Bantino and ILLYMINIACHI. The song also features Montreal’s Nate Husser, SHIFTER’s artist of the month for September and one of the hottest rappers in Canada right now.

The single is a follow up to Shaw and Husser’s previous collaborations “I Been Doing Great (You Can Stop MFing Asking)” and “Foot On They Neck”.

Husser recently appeared on Le WarmUp FM in Montreal where he talked about how he met Shaw and their time together in the studio.

“We had linked up in L.A. last summer. A homie from Ottawa, a rapper named City Fidelia had put us in contact. We linked up. The first night in the studio we banged out like five, six tracks”, Husser explained.

The video, directed by Shaw and edited by Alison Beland, is a highly artistic “quarantine video” – a type of “visual monologue” showing the Canadian producer in isolation in a variety of eclectic outfits, from a yellow track suit to a gas mask, and then a backwards ski mask.

“Making this track went super smoothly – it just hit immediately and I wanted to do a video that felt the same way”, Shaw told SHIFTER.

“COVID has been a tough time, trying to link with people and actually filming and being safe on top of it. I tried to film something that was doable in a quarantine style. I wanted it to showcase how I’m feeling and how probably a lot of people are feeling these days. I’m already a loopy, weird person and I had a blast rolling around on the floor, drinking wine, playing piano and eating candy. I’m obviously not rapping or singing on the track, so I had to find a way to show my personality without delivering lyrics. I’m not sure there are any hip-hop producers presenting their songs visually this way, but I like doing things differently.”

“Addicted” is available on all major streaming platforms. Click the header image to check out the music video.

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