In time for the holidays, Ottawa rapper Lindasson blessed fans with his debut self-titled album LINDASSON. Although the cover art (created by Lindasson and Jdinero), as well as his name and the title of the album, are all a nod to his late mother, for Lindasson this debut release is about introducing fans to his name and brand.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the artist at home in his kitchen, with no features, this offering is the epitome of a solo project. Featuring a roster of all Ottawa producers, including ProdCr, Moreno, Dejesvs, Sweezy and Lindasson himself who produced two songs on the project (“PnQ”, “I Pray”), the album is also meant to showcase some of the young local producers coming out of the capital. From beginning to end, it is clear that the rapper and songwriter had a clear vision for the project.

“Each song gives off a different vibe and emotion that’s easily addictive and displays my versatility as an artist”, he told SHIFTER. “I would say a stand out single would be either ‘PnQ’ or ‘Toes’. ‘PnQ’ carries various melodies alongside topics that are personal. I feel like this song helps people understand where I’m at with my art and where I’m coming from emotionally. ‘Toes’ is a catchy vibe that puts you into a happy moving mood which some people need at times in order to get throughout a tiring day.”

As you move through the project, there’s a clear flow as the album starts off with high energy and slows down towards the end. Although the album offers its share of bangers like “Toes” and “Nolibs”, it’s on the slower melodic and more intimate songs that Lindasson shines.

Standout tracks on the project include “Nolibs”, “Ted Talk” and “Danger 2 Society”, as well as “I Pray” and “Spiritual Wealth”. Although this album can be classified as trap music with the bangers to prove it, Lindasson also offers the deep, intimate, thought provoking and contemplative content we need as we navigate a pandemic and a New Year.

LINDASSON is available on all major streaming platforms.


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