Veteran Winnipeg rapper Fresh IE is back with his latest album “Heartbreaks”. The message of the project is very timely in light of the many heartbreaks of 2020.

“These Heartbreaks are echoes of inner bruises that journey through our souls…OOH when we become stronger through our affliction, then Pop Goes the Weasel and we emerge as Overcomers“, he says of the 17-song project. “Life’s ups and and downs are like a Yo-Yo that test our humanity. Through rebirth we discover that we are no longer Slaves to the bondages and Shackles of the past, but we have a unique Purpose for our lives.”

Regarded as Canada’s first Grammy-nominated rapper since his album Red Letterz was nominated for Best Rock Gospel Album in 2004 and again with Truth Is Fallin’ In Tha Streetz in 2005, Fresh is joined on the project by former KMF members Scribe and One8tea, Toronto rapper and 2018 Rapzilla Freshman Dru Bex, DIE-REK, Jon Corbin, MESSANJAH, Freddy Wilson, and more.

After 20 years in the game, it’s clear the 2005 Juno nominee hasn’t lost a step. He consistently finds ways to walk the fine line between classic, timeless and contemporary sounds with a high quality of production that bends genres, all while giving us some well-needed inspiration, and Heartbreaks continues the trend in that direction.

Heartbreaks is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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