Kalix Breezy


Despite the global pandemic and quarantine, hip-hop and R&B artist Kalix Breezy is busy dropping new music. After relocating from Montreal to Ottawa after ending his two-year relationship with Production Dr. Bass and a long period of preparation, he is ready to show the world his evolution.

Produced by his hometown producer K Cooke, his new single “Domino Effect” reflects his soul, pride and engagement on making his life and the life of those around him, if not better, the best it can be by providing his own sources and assets he gained over time.

“‘Domino Effect’ is about me or anyone who creates a movement to better the people around them”, Kalix Breexy told SHIFTER. It’s about being focused on your goals and giving credit where credit it due…On my end, I created a movement and decided to call it ‘Domino Effect’ because anyone I work with benefits from my assets – my contacts and plugs, energy, company and knowledge.”

Kalix Breezy was first recognized on YouTube when he released his first single in 2015. Since then Kalix Breezy has signed to a record label based in Montreal, then left the label to start his own. Since then he has opened up for  DAX, Universal Music France recording artist Vegedream, and Universal Music Division Island Def Jam recording artist Naza.

Fans of the new single won’t have to wait too long. Kalix Breezy will be releasing his debut album Kalixity later this year