LOKRE reminds us that family is everything on her long-awaited debut album, ELIZABETH.

Toronto-based R&B and neo-soul singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist LOKRE put her all into her long-awaited debut album, ELIZABETH, which was released last month on all streaming platforms. With 10+ years of experience in establishing herself in the Toronto music scene, ELIZABETH is a true reflection of the singer’s own identity. With tributes to her ancestral heritage, ELIZABETH serves as a reminder that LOKRE’s roots are planted deep, and she is here to stay.

Co-produced with Adrian X (Drake, The Weeknd, Doc McKinney), LOKRE explains the creative process and inspiration for the project as more of a personal journey through guidance and understanding.

“My debut album is deeply rooted in ancestral guidance. Dedicated to my mother and late grandmother who paved the path for my artistry to exist. The project tells the story of becoming through resilience and commitment, love and loss,” LOKRE explains. “Entitled ELIZABETH, it pays homage to the name my mother gave me while representing a new incarnation of my artistry as LOKRE. It is all-encompassing; musing on the past, demanding presence, and serving as an offering of hope for what’s ahead.”

The album starts with an intro track entitled “Grand Rising”. Graced with a hypnotic yet meditative feeling. “Grand Rising” is an empowering mantra with a 808-type beat, deep bass, and drum pattern that thumps like a heartbeat. 

The next song, “Generations”, has a smooth hindi sample incorporated in the intro and throughout the rest of the song lingering in the background. The Toronto songstress acknowledges her lineage. She explores the history of what she and her bloodline have managed to achieve throughout generations, while detailing her trials and tribulations along the way. The multi-instrumental production gives a unique twist to match the flow and hook along with the grounded and restorative energy LOKRE brings.

Don’t Dare” follows suit with a hypnotic, chilled R&B vibe. LOKRE’s delicate vocals bring vibrant energy with a bounce of incorporated horn and pitch-shifted background vocals. “Self Talk” reflects on whether LOKRE is at her best self or not, in which she ensures this through mantras, meditating, and positive self-communication.

ELIZABETH also features three lead tracks that were released as singles this year. Firstly, “Sun Don’t Set” is themed around spirituality and overcoming adversity. LOKRE affirms that she is one of a kind, celebrating her journey while detailing the issues that we all go through. The Toronto songstress proves that she always strives to be the best that she can be without people taking away from what she’s accomplished, reminding herself that she will remain confident in her goals and mindset. She acknowledges her adversities and how she will face them in the best way possible.

What I love about “Sun Don’t Set” is how the vocals are even more commanding than the production, due to LOKRE elevating her range in both her actual and background vocals, making the production resonant as you hear it.

The second lead single, ‘Something From Nothing’, is not only an inspiring ballad about immigrant mothers, but it also details more about how to be successful without needing any elaborate resources. LOKRE’s beautiful vocals match with calming production. The song continues telling the story of LOKRE’s journey of where she is today and what she did to overcome setbacks.

The last lead single, “Finish Line”, is an acoustic R&B jam that attests to LOKRE’s self-growth. She questions her rights and wrongs and comes to terms with the fact that she is perfectly imperfect. She seeks guidance on what she needs to do to reach the peak of success in life and what she needs to do to be at her best. The beautiful guitar strums throughout the song along with her delicate vocals and make this a soothing remedy to seek healing in the best way possible.

The album ends with “Aquarian Poem”, a majestic string-led piece featuring Dominique Christina’s powerful spoken words.

LOKRE’s brand-new album, ELIZABETH, is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen above.

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