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This month’s Ottawa Music Video Roundup includes Dax, SixOneTrey, Hevve, Dynamic and more!

We’re continuing to ask you, the fans, to vote for the capital’s Video of the Month. Check out the videos below in order of release date, then help us crown the top video in the city for June.

Last month you voted and crowned “Popular Demand” by Hueso featuring JKing as your Video of the Month.

Video of the Month (May) – Hueso featuring JKing – “Popular Demand”

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Wack Ass Rappers Freestyle
Release date: June 4, 2019
Shot by: Logan Meis

There are few things that are certain in life. Death, taxes and Dax releasing a video per month. Well, this isn’t an “official” music video; it’s a freestyle video. It shows Dax walking through your average neighbourhood, at some points carrying a chainsaw. Apparently someone pissed him off so it’s supposed to be some sort of dis track. As usual, the bars are clever and on point.

Brand New
Release date: June 5, 2019
Produced by: Khamali Jordan
Directed by: EkVisions and Sixonetrey

“Brand New” is the newest video from SixOneTrey. In this vid we get a lot of boxes, from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, money, jewellery and cash. We also see SixOneTrey sitting in the back of a stretch limousine. When it comes to flexing and flossing, no one does it better in the capital than SixOneTrey.

Hit Em Up
Release date: June 7, 2019
Directed by: Quest
Edited by: WGM Visuals

This might just be the dopest video on this month’s list and I’m not just saying that because I make multiple cameos. WGM Visuals absolutely killed it on the visuals. The editing and transitions between shots are just plain ridiculous. The video itself was shot all across the Greater Toronto Area, from Mississauga to downtown Toronto to Pickering. It captures Hevve’s recent trip to Toronto, including his performance at Orchid nightclub and his reunion with his family he hadn’t seen in four years.

NOTIC feat. Cashtro Crosby
Training Day Freestyle
Release date: June 10, 2019
Shot and edited by: Yassine Visuals

If you love bars you’ll love this song and video from NOTIC featuring Cashtro Crosby. If you look closely you’ll see it was shot in the Byward Market. It’s supposed to be a freestyle video so it’s not too complicated but the editing is on point. There’s the occasional effect and transition but the simplicity allows the bars to be the star of the show.

Dynamic aka Ya Favourite Lightskin
On A Quest
Release date: May 1, 2019
Shot by: Quest
Directed by: Dynamic and Quest
Edited by: Dynamic with additional help by Aspects

Dynamic, aka Ya Favourite Lightskin, has been releasing music videos at a steady clip since releasing his latest project On A Quest, last month, and unlike other artists he’s actually hands on getting directing and editing credit on his own videos. This video is for On A Quest, the second single off the project. The video opens with Dynamic leaving Dreamland Studios in Gatineau and heading to the Ottawa Train Station on Tremblay Road. The airport and bus terminal also make appearances in the video. His daughter also makes an appearance in the video. We see her waiting by the window for her dad to come home and in the end they share a heartfelt moment.

Rizzy Flexx
Change Up Freestyle
Release date: June 18, 2019

In June Rizzy Flexx released a video for his “Change Up Freestyle”. As a freestyle video, it’s pretty simple. It features Rizzy Flexx and his homies, all wearing red, hanging out in staircases and in the park.

Emma Lamontagne
Love Games
Release date: June 26, 2019
Music video & VFX by: Rob Wells

This video has over 93K views so Emma Lamontagne must be doing something right. This video appears to be very simple. It starts out black and white. Eventually we get a pop of colour. Then the pictures on the walls start sliding left and right in a “Tinderesque” fashion as she walks down an alley. Also noticeable are the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto, including the Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Drippyy Santana feat. OTG Young Rhys
Making Bands

Release date: June 26, 2019
Shot, directed and edited by: Mustafa Zeidan (Goat Vision Studios)

Last month, Drippyy Santana released the video for “Making Bands” featuring OTG Young Rhys. For a lot of video we see Drippyy, OTG Young Rhys and the crew hanging out in front of mansion and white Mercedes Benz. We then get the contrast of them hanging out in front of a Circle K convenience store. In a nutshell, they may be making bands, but don’t get it twisted. They’re still about the streets. The video is pretty simple but the cinematography is well done.

Release date: June 28, 2019
Directed by: Ben Telford

The opening shot says it all. We see pictures on a wall of Eazy E, Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller and Nas – the artists who probably influenced him (and the cloth he’s cut from). The whole video is set in Mxzy’s bedroom and shows him writing, recording and lighting up a spliff. Congrats to Ben Telford on the visuals. As with other videos this month, the concept was pretty simple, but the execution was pretty much perfect. The camera quality and directing were on point.

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