Ottawa native, Queenyy, returns with the final piece of her intricate puzzle to close off her wistful EP Distance. As she finalizes this chapter with the movement visual for “Broken English”, the introductory track and freestyle from the EP, we get to witness the undeniable sizzle and vulnerability she effortlessly radiates as both a vocalist and a dancer.

The therapeutic sounds of “Broken English” tell a tale of the emerging artist falling in love with someone overseas that could barely speak English. Initially recorded as a freestyle in Switzerland, Queenyy took this gem back to Canada where producer 613Tino, and mix and master engineer Carde Blanche helped to sculpt the sound that Queenyy was looking for.

“This song was the most recent song I’ve written out of the three on the EP”, Queenyy states. “For me, this song was an evolution in my career as a recording artist and songwriter. This was the first time I was vulnerable with my softer side. It was a freestyle about how I fell in love with someone that could barely speak English. I said exactly how I felt and it just came out naturally. You can hear the emotion in my voice. Since I wrote ‘Broken English’, I’ve become even more vulnerable with my songwriting and this is the direction I will be taking with what’s to come.”

Enlisting the undeniable talents of director Just Jay, the video includes a succession of black and white shots that illustrates the originality and cinematic allure of her performance techniques as a movement artist.

Filmed in her hometown of Ottawa, the intimate setting is none other than local hot-spot Armada Lounge. The visuals are tantalizing by design to allow viewers to focus on her vulnerability, not only through harmony and ecstasy but in the intimacy of the freestyle dance components that remain a prominent part of her art.

Mystery is also weaved throughout Queenyy’s empowering and almost ethereal dance movements. As the music progresses in unison with the well-executed scene transitions courtesy of director Just Jay, you’re left with your own inner thoughts to reminisce about your own life experiences.

“Broken English” is featured on Queenyy’s EP “Distance,” and is available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the music video, click the image in the header.

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