she loves me by tobi


“Smooth, soulful and sexy”—those are the words to describe this track. Here’s a look at She Loves Me by TOBi.

Toronto artist TOBi has been staying busy in 2022. After dropping a steady flow of singles and a COLORS performance that amassed over 120K views, the Nigerian born, Toronto-based artist is back with “She Loves Me”, a smooth, soulful and sexy track about about vulnerability and sensual love. The track is simply refreshing and counterculture in the current R&B landscape.

“I wanted to make a song that is warm and celebrated sensuality”, he explains. “I feel like nowadays people think being toxic is cool, and they should lean into it as if vulnerability is not in style. But truth will never go out of style. I’m just a real lover, I can’t help it, I gotta put that on record, for better or for worse. This song unlocks another dimension to my mind and artistry.”

“She Loves Me” is a follow up to his previous single “Flowers”, released earlier in the month through Plate Entertainment/RCA Records. Equally soulful in an early Kanye kind of way, it features a soulful sample with guitar underneath as TOBi puts on a lyrical masterclass.

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve done”, he said upon its release. “The definition of unapologetic soul music. I wanted to tell a story of what it meant to be a man, growing and learning and dealing with my vices. Protecting my peace, while navigating the challenges of life. This song is a turning point in my mental journey. Addressing fears, seeking therapy, paying homage to those who are living…it’s a lot to unpack in the verses, but at the end of the day it feels so good to be alive and creating and I’m grateful for every moment.”

Both offerings show off his versatility as an artist, but what is remarkable about TOBi is not only his versatility, but his abilities as both a rapper and singer. He’s almost musically ambidextrous in his ability to do both at an equally high level, which is rare, especially in a time where many rappers have become singers and singers have become rappers.

“She Loves Me” and “Flowers” are the first singles off his upcoming album Panic and from the sound of it, we may be getting a masterpiece and a lot more soul.

Panic is the epitome of unapologetic soul music and we held nothing back on it — something I am truly proud of,” he recently told Complex. “From stories of vulnerability and masculinity, to personal family issues and social commentary, there was no stone left unturned here. I can’t wait for the world to consume it in full, and I hope people appreciate the work and energy put into this, because we aimed to raise the artistic ceiling higher than what it currently is.”

Where other artists appear to be all about commercial success, TOBi seems bent on pushing his boundaries creatively and giving his fans substance and a great piece of art. The word “artist” is used rather loosely nowadays, but TOBi is a real artist who is, unfortunately, not mentioned enough when we talk about the top Canadian musical talents. But when it comes to the music, bar-for-bar and note-for-note, TOBi is one of the most talented artists Canada has seen in years.

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