Although DJ Khaled, Drake and Lil Baby’s Staying Alive is good, SHIFTER’s Kevin Bourne finds it predictable in his Staying Alive single review.

After giving us some big moments on “Yes Indeed,” “Never Recover,” “Wants and Needs” and “Girls Want Girls”, Drake and Lil Baby have teamed up once again on DJ Khaled’s latest single “Staying Alive”. The track is the first release off Khaled’s upcoming project God Did set for release on August 26th.

The Bee-Gees inspired track features a laid back beat with the two rappers taking turns crooning melodic bars over it. While the song isn’t terrible by any means, with the bar set high for the duo, this probably won’t go down as the most memorable song from Drake and Lil Baby. Nevertheless, Baby does shine on the beat.

Where tracks like “Yes Indeed” and “Wants and Needs” were immediate hits from the first play, “Staying Alive” may take a few plays to grow on listeners. Still, Drake fans may be happy to see him return to his hip-hop and R&B form after his highly divisive, House music offering Honestly, Nevermind.

Fortunately, the single came with a music video that also dropped at midnight. The video opens with Khaled speaking to nurses and doctors at the Khaled Khaled Hospital for Those That Didn’t Believe with shots of Drake and Lil Baby donning doctors scrubs as they each do what doctors do―tend to big breasted patients and smoke a spliff. Soon enough the vibe changes again as the lights go dim and the room fills with shisha smoke. With a similar vibe and comedic touch as “Wait For You” and “Falling Back”, this video has Drake’s creative fingerprints all over it. While the video is creative, it’s also very predictable for Drake and Khaled.

But you can check it out for yourself. “Staying Live” is available on all major streaming platform. To check out the music video hit the header image above and let us know what you think.

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