Today, Scarborough-born and Brampton-raised rapper, Ty’Dre, returned with his first release of 2021 – an empowering anthem about triumph and unity titled “We Up”.

The song was inspired by his relationship with his close friends as he revisits the past while also looking ahead at his goals. As the song plays out you not only get a glimpse into his come up with his day one people, but also his aspirations for the future. As he raps lyrics like,

“All my people, we up, our time, tell me, who can see us?
Let’s come together, put some property up
Was blessed to make it through 2020
But these losses, they now humble me up
I’m just praying 2030 see us
‘Cause if we make it I promise we G5 flying with our feet up
20 deep sippin’ margaritas, wish you guys could see us
Aint hoop no more, it’s still sold out arenas
And got our yacht, got our own marinas. The type of shit we dreamed of.”

It’s clear that Ty’Dre not only wants the best for himself, but for those around him. It’s a reminder that as you realize your dreams to not forget the people that supported you and showed you love along the way.

Aside from the strong messaging, what stands out on the single is his thoughtfulness. As you listen to “We Up” you get the sense that every word, syllable, beat and note has a purpose. No fluff. No filler. Just substance.

Sonically, Ty’Dre stands out from the pack, avoiding the current trends in hip-hop, instead opting for timeless sounds, including piano melodies and male-female vocal harmonies, something you rarely hear in hip-hop today. As the keys, drums and harmonies wash over you, the song immediately puts you in a contemplative state, as you yourself consider where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

The single is a lead up to his upcoming debut EP, possibly providing a glimpse into the sound and vibe we can expect. Until then, “We Up” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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