After taking a hiatus from music to refocus his life, Vancouver rapper Paul Hernandez is back with his debut EP Deeper Things, an exploration of what he’s learned about perseverance during confusing times in his life. The five song EP takes listeners through Paul’s desires to become a more self-aware, selfless person and the anxieties he suffer from that plague many people today.

The 2012 Rapzilla Freshman, interweaves themes of faith in a hip-hop and pop into a signature sound with introspective and vulnerable content. What you notice immediately from Hernandez is the tone and delivery of a polished, seasoned vet, balanced with the sense of self-discovery you often see from a Millennial. Along with the balance of bars and vibes, this is an inter-generational project that has something for both the old heads and younger hip-hop fans. What we see is that Hernandez isn’t a man who has all the answers; he’s asking himself and God some important questions and he invites you to come along with him on his creative and personal journey.

“I believe I have a lot to bring to the table creatively. I write, produce, and engineer my own music, giving me complete control and unlimited opportunities to colour out of the lines. Having begun rapping in church as well as leading worship has grown a desire to create anthems for listeners to sing,” Hernandez explained. “Altogether, I am able to push the envelope when it comes to genre bending and music that heals hearts.”

Although this debut project was years in the making, it was definitely worth the wait. Between the bars, flows, themes and level of production, Deeper Things is easily one of the best and most polished projects of 2020 so far.

Deeper Things is available on all major streaming platforms.

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