“Eminem dropped some harsh lines on Donald Trump…but it won’t change anything. Change requires major sacrifices and it’s obvious America is split on making sacrifices so the right change can come about.”

I posted that on Facebook the day after Eminem’s freestyle. A couple of weeks have past and nothing has changed. I’ve noticed many reactions to the Eminem freestyle but next to no action. So I’m standing by what I said.

After being called out by Eminem, Donald Trump ran off somewhere and buried his head in the sand. His Twitter fingers didn’t shoot out any 140 character tweets. He didn’t grab a mic and start spitting bars or newsworthy soundbites. He appeared to not be concerned with Eminem at all and he still doesn’t.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that President and Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, continues to divide America and the world at-large. He surely has no intention of changing his ways or who he is. With Trump leading the way, followed by his dedicated fanbase, there’s no sign that real change is coming anytime soon.


I’ve seen many social media posts making statements like “Eminem Destroys Donald Trump” or “Eminem Ends Trump In Epic Unapologetic Freestyle Rap”. Everyone got caught up with Eminem’s punchlines and the social media hype around it all, and picked sides. But as much as people may want to contribute to change, they end up going on with their daily lives. Again no real change taking place among average citizens. Many people are so comfortable, valuing what they have, that the thought of losing it all is unbearable, even if it goes against the greater good. As a result, great citizens of the past like Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali and individuals of that nature are hard to find these days.

I’ve also noticed many individuals in the sports and entertainment industries offering their thoughts on the situation. You can’t avoid athletes and celebrities who want to jump on the next hot topic. However, I have’t seen any of them doing anything to bring about real social change. It reminds me of the old saying “Talk is cheap”.

“Trump is adding fuel to a fire that was small and manageable. Now it is turning into something uncontrollable.”

The exception is Colin Kaepernick. He gets it. This was the man who started this conversation and it’s too bad Colin’s cause of bringing awareness to racially motivated police brutality and racial social injustice is getting lost in the whole “Us vs. Trump” battle.

The problem is bigger than Donald Trump. Trump is adding fuel to a fire that was small and manageable. Now it’s turning into something uncontrollable. Despite the skilled lyrics Eminem displayed, it only reinforced the “Us vs. Trump” battle and missed the deeper issues Colin is trying to get us to face.

In the end, the selfless sacrifices, strength and cooperation required to bring real change isn’t a task all Americans are willing to take on.

Narvin Persaud

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