Lonzo Ball diss track


Two weeks after Pusha T and Drake went at it in one of the most important (and personal) beefs in recent memory, the smell of prime rib is still lingering in the air. Lakers starting point guard and part-time reality show star and rapper, Lonzo Ball, released a diss track against fellow Laker and All-Rookie Team member Kyle Kuzma aptly titled “Kyle Kuzma”.

Before basketball fans get themselves in a tizzy, this isn’t a serious beef, at least not yet. Ball and Kuzma are best friends on the team and have been trolling each other on social media for quite some time. Their back and forth social media roastings are becoming legendary, known as the Lakers Troll Wars.

Just like Pusha T a few weeks ago, Lonzo does get a little personal on the track saying things like,

“Don’t know who your daddy is, well your ass is getting sonned”


But there are also a few good bars.

“You ain’t got no shoe, Nike wins, Kuz lose

Claiming that I can’t shoot, but all these words is hitting you.

Boy you talking crazy, why you try to play me?

You ain’t on my level, you ain’t famous as my baby”


“I’m working out daily, but I ain’t posting it

And I would never stop a workout just to post a pic”


Big Baller Brand getting bread, little Kuz is getting crumbs

We thumbing through that money, look at y’all, y’all is playing with your thumbs


“Cause you ain’t got the people, and you ain’t got the sources

Put all your money in a Porsche, I dropped a check on horses”


Kuzma already responded on Instagram saying, “No Pusha T. No comeback. I’m whoppin yo a** Wednesday.”

Listen to “Kyle Kuzma” below