4korners of the world


The Toronto Raptors’ official DJ and producer takes us through a musical journey with his nine-song project 4Korners of the World which incorporates a blend of some of the world’s best music genres with a groundbreaking source of amazing Canadian and international talent

Toronto Raptors official DJ and producer 4KORNERS shares his wonders of the world for listeners everywhere with his highly anticipated debut full-length album 4KORNERS of the World. By showcasing astonishing Canadian and international talent, this nine-track album takes us through a musical journey from various guest features of notable cultural backgrounds while showcasing a diverse range of sounds, such as Afrobeats, Brazilian funk, UK drill, Amapiano, and much more.

In 4KORNERS own words:

“This project is a musical journey around the world and a portrait of my city Toronto – the most multicultural city on the planet – and serves as a collection of songs and feelings that live within me as a result of touring globally as a DJ over the past decade. At the core of my creative process is collaboration, and as a DJ I see myself as a conduit for talent, with breaking records and artists as a major focus. Now that I’ve been creating the music myself, I’ve been able to level up that ideal by putting emerging and established artists on songs and stages with me. Naturally, for this project, it was only right that I brought in some of the dopest women and men I know, from various cultural backgrounds, to write these incredible records with me. Being the first Canadian born member of my Trinidadian family, I was intentional in my selections, focussing heavily on Canadian talent who were born abroad, or are first Generation Canadians like me, and who come from cities across the country like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, and to mix that with contributions from artists from Nigeria (Skales) for example. This is what music means to me!”

With features from local Canadian talent like EverythingOSHauN, Odreii, Ashton Adams, Bolu Ajibade and Omaremii, along with Nigerian artist Skales, 4KORNERS of the World is a refreshing offering that brings listeners together through the love for music. The intro track is an airport announcement in which the Toronto DJ and producer speaks more about the music people to can anticipate, making it interesting for the theme of this project.

The EverythingOShauN-featured track, Ogwula (which is translated as “It Is Finished” in Igbo), starts with an impeccable flow from EverythingOShauN as he goes in on the beat, lyrically and energetically. The snares and bass overlap within the production of the song beautifully, making it a good vibe to dance to. Overall, the song is a ballad for people to enjoy life and live lavishly (i.e. dance to the money).

While Shibuya Babe, Looking at the Sky, and Anything are more EDM-focused, there are other amazing tracks that blend in culturally. Hot Like Brazil is a beautifully written Dancehall tune that incorporates elegant flute and drum sounds. Montreal-based singer-songwriter Odreii carried the song with her nonchalant vocals and her infusion of Dancehall with Brazilian funk. Head Space Freestyle is a very lyrical UK Drill track where Temia’s lyrics and flow complement the beat well, especially for an off-the-dome freestyle.

The Amapiano-based song, Big Business demonstrates a nice incorporation of elevated maracas, snares, drums, and bass in the production, which make it infectious to listen to entirely as the beat takes over as you listen carefully. Bolu and Omaremii went in, and the chorus is amazing to listen to.

The album ends with an Afrobeats/Dancehall-infused track, No Doubt (Toronto to Lagos). The song is more of an affirmation of giving blessings to the higher spirit and deals more of a backstory in a rags-to-riches story and being grateful for what you have around you. The production is impeccable and 4KORNERS provides a smooth verse with a complimenting flow and details his lavish lifestyle in Toronto and his rise to fame.

4KORNERS’ natural propensity for mixing and matching talents and sounds ensures that 4KORNERS of the World blends into one cohesive awe-inspiring album. 4KORNERS brand new album, 4KORNERS of the World, is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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