From the civil rights movement to the war in Vietnam, injustice has always found a way to inspire artists to create, lend their voices to the voiceless, and shed light on the times they are living in. The same is true of Ottawa singer-songwriter Nambi who recently released her first single in three years entitled “SHOTANOTHADOWN” ahead of her upcoming performance at the RBC Bluesfest Drive-In Festival on Saturday, August 1st.

Fresh off a name change and new identity, the artist formerly known as Rita Carter blends a Bob Marley-like call to action with Rita Marley-esque soul and vocals on this long-awaited release. With the support of her band, The Rhythm, Nambi explores a range of emotions, from anger and tension to celebration, delivered through a reggae, rock, R&B and soul sound.

“Now is the time. I’ve embraced my cultural roots even more by changing my name to NAMBI (named after the Queen of Buganda from NAMBI’s Ugandan heritage). The music must reflect this new identity I have welcomed. I’ve been sitting on this song for too long. ‘SHOTANOTHADOWN’ is a call to action song”, NAMBI says of her latest single.

For the self-proclaimed “R&B Street Folk” artist, the new single is also about sharing her story and educating people about the Black experience, all while celebrating the many Black lives lost to police brutality.

“I want to encourage people to tell their stories about police brutality and violence against Black people. Share, share, and share some more. The more we share our stories, the more we heal and the more we educate, and with education comes change”, NAMBI explains. “I want to hear from mothers living in fear daily like me, raising Black sons. I believe if you call yourself an ‘artist’, it is your duty to reflect the times in you’re in and that’s why I wrote this song. People often ask what kind of music I make. I tell them it’s R&B Street Folk.”

“SHOTANOTHADOWN” is available on all streaming platforms.


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